About Shaky Feelin'

Ventura, California is home to this powerhouse of a quintet, noticeable for their groove-based double drum sound and shredding guitar solos, memorable for catchy songs and the fun had dancing the night away at a Shaky Feelin’ show. A high energy jam band mixing the elements of rock, reggae, bluegrass and funk to create one of the most memorable live shows you’ll ever see!

Fueled by an ever-evolving sound, the band—featuring Mark Masson on vocals and guitar, Jeff Hiller on bass, Paul Menchaca on drums and Cameron Probe on drums/percussion—keeps things fresh with a revolving door of guest keyboard wizards. Their latest release ‘Brand New Day’, treats longtime fans to their signature sound, while serving up some incredible new songs.

Their music catalog consists of five full length albums and a collection of live show recordings that are sure to captivate every music lover’s soul. Be sure to check out the shows page and come see a show!